Sentinel: Safe Schools

Sentinel is a school safety program that was designed by Dr. Michael Conner. The program consists of three elements.

  1. A "Cop and a Doc".  A program that pairs a school resource officer (SRO) with a volunteer clinical psychologist (or physician) who meets with  the SRO once a week for an hour and for occasional phone calls that pertain to helping the police officer to interact more effectively based on understanding of adolescent behavior, psychology and mental health.

  2. SRO Referral Portal. The SRO is given access to an on-line schedule for a group of mental health professionals and the authority to make appointments.

  3. Sentinel.  "An Online screening and risk assessment tool that allows student to answer questions available on smartphone, a tablet or a computer. The system processes that data an creates a unique video specific to the issues identified by students.


Help at the Speed of Thought

StepOne for Parents & StepOne for Teens

Assist parents and children to obtain the help and care they need.

  • Improve school safety programs while reducing cost.
  • Reduce the number of requests for unnecessary special education services.
  • Reduce suicidal and violent behavior in communities.
  • Reduce the number of counseling and mental health appointments necessary to adequately serve children and families.
  • Reduce the delay between identified problems and appropriate interventions.

See our video describing StepOne for Parents [ Click Here ]

StepOne for Parents is designed to involve, educate and empower parents to seek the care they believe is necessary for their child while respecting and protecting their privacy, rights and responsibilities.  

StepOne for Teens is an online computer screening protocol in development. Inspired by recognition of public need, the StepOne for Teens system will allow students in schools to find help and guidance for a peer about whom they are concerned.


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