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Conflicts and/or commercial interests disclosure statement

The model and software demonstrated in this training was created as a result of a collaboration between AMHA-Oregon (AMHA), Mentor Research Institute (MRI) and Private Practice Cloud (PPC).  Dr. Conner has been involved research to develop models and technology that would support and protect private practice psychotherapy for since 1991.  He was the lead person creating the first independent practice association (IPA) in the country for mental health professionals.  He is a leader is designing, creating and implementing online software system capable of supporting alternative payment contracting with Healthplans that can help early career and established psychotherapists build their practice, generate stable referrals and increase income by demonstrating the measurable quality and value of psychotherapy services

Dr. Conner declares that he has been a member of AMHA and MRI for over 20 years and that he is a part owner and has a majority interest in PPC.  AMHA, MRI, and PPC have a commercial interest in the software presented in this training.  This is an unavoidable requirement since the software is the first and only system created to support the group contracting model presented. 

Potential conflicts of interests are managed by independent board oversight, disclosure statements and transparency with members who wish to participate in contracts.