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Patient Reported Outcomes & Performance Measures (PROM-PM)

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Pilot Project

PROM-PM is a pilot project funded and supported by Anthem.  Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) are patient self-reports about their own health outcomes. This includes symptom and symptom burden, health-related quality of life (including functional status), experience with care and health behaviors. PMs are performance measures.  A performance measure that is based on PRO data aggregated for an accountable healthcare entity. For example, a percentage of patients whose depression score as measured by the PHQ-9 have improved. The following is an overview of the project.

PROMs for Integrated Care

  1. Comprehensive medical and mental health screening 
  2. Performance measures (i.e. progress)

Comprehensive Screening

Measure include:

  1. Anxiety & Depression  (Progress)
  2. Mania & Attention (Bipolar patients present to PCP with depression and/or anxiety)
  3. Physical symptoms (80% of the most common PCP presentations)
  4. Substance use
  5. Suicidal and violence behavior
  6. Functional status
  7. Health behavior

Why Use PROMs in Mental Health?

Promote Value Based Care:

  • Tracking outcomes
  • Creating data for informed decisions

Promote more succinct communication between mental health and medical health professionals while tracking:

  • Initial severity & burden of condition
  • Progress
  • Response to medications
  • Need for more intensive treatment


Values include:

  • Identify patients who are “On Track”
  • Increase patient engagement in treatment
  • Patient is
    • Worse
    • Improved
    • No Change
    • Recovered (not in clinical range)